Email Chess

Any friend. Any time.

Email Chess is a beautifully designed correspondence chess game for the iPhone and iPod touch. Email Chess provides a fun way to play chess with friends and family, one turn at time, whenever you have a free moment.

Email Chess offers a unique Feature Pack that allows you to play chess with all of your friends, including those without an iPhone or iPod touch. The Feature Pack allows your friends to play their turns using a Mac or PC web browser without having to signup for yet another account. You can experience a trial by clicking the Feature Pack tab on this page (desktop browser required).

Email Chess is finger friendly and uses graphics designed to fit the full width of the screen. It includes piece movement animations and two easy-to-use methods of moving chess pieces around the board. Best of all, Email Chess is available FREE on the App Store!


  • Easy to use: play chess by sending an email directly to a friend. No intermediate websites or account signup required.
  • Free for playing chess between friends with an iPhone or iPod touch.
  • Beautifully rendered graphics and animations.
  • Two methods of moving pieces: Tap-to-Move and Drag-to-Move.
  • Available moves are highlighted for beginners.
  • Play simultaneous games with one or more opponents.
  • Offline play. Great for airplanes!

Feature Pack (available for in-game purchase)

  • Play anyone with an email address and access to a desktop web browser. An iPhone or iPod touch is not required for your opponent.
  • Account signup is NOT required!